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About your Surgery:

Considering any surgery is always a stressful decision, particularly when it is for your child. The decision to treat is never taken lighly. Prior to any decision we must clearly define the problem, understand the steps to improvement, and clearly understand the entire process that is about to take place.
    With a clear understanding of the goals, we must then disuss the risks and benefits inherent in any procedure. In virtually all cases the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

Prior to any procedure no matter how samll we will discuss the proposed treatment in detail. It is very important that you feel comfortable with yourunderstanding f the procdure and the process prior to leaving the office.

Prior to surgery:

   You will be given inforomation to read through, and instructions on what preparation is needed prior to the day of surgery. You will be given these forms to take with you (also available via downloads on this site).

The Day of Surgery (Credit Valley Hospital):

You will be asked to arrive at the hospital about 2 hous prior to your surgery. This will allow you adeaquate time to get prepared. The clerks will register you and the pre-surgery nurse will get your vital statistics, and start some eye drops in preparation for your surgery.

When ready the operating room will ask the pre-operative nurse to bring you across to the operating room waiting area. Your will be met by an opearting room nurse that will check you in.

Just prior to your surgery Dr. Budning will meet with you again and review what is about to happen. A mark will be made over the eye to be treated (if its both eyes no mark is made).

The Anaesthiologist will then meet with you and discuss your anaesthetic.

The operating room team nurses will then introduce themselves to you, and bring you or your child into the room. (As we head for the opearting room, parents will be able to goto the waiting area. Parents will hav3e a small disc that will flash when the procedure is finished and they may go to the recovery room).

The operation takes on average 15-30 minutes to perform, with an additional 15-20 minutest for anaesthesia, for a total of 45 -50 minutes. On occasion the procedures will be faster or occasionally slowerdepending on the procedure complexity.

Following the operation you will be taken to the recovery room to wake up. In the case of children, parents will be called as soon as they start to wake. You remain in the recovery room for 1 hour on average, and then are taken to  a post operative area for a second hour to make sure all is well. Dr Budning will typically visit you in the recovery room. Following this you will be free to leave.

A post-operative visit will be arranged for 1-4 days following surgery. This follow up visit will be arranged by the post-operative nurse, and the time and place for the visit given to you.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process please discuss them with the staff of Dr. Budning.










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